Safe Ministry Training:

MEC is committed to being a safe place for all vulnerable people. We have strict policies to ensure that anybody in our congregation who works with vulnerable people acts in a way that is safe, humble and loving. These vulnerable people could include children, youth, those who have physical or mental illness or disability, those who have experienced abuse, the poor, the elderly and those from diverse backgrounds.
Part of this commitment is Safe Ministry Training, which is encouraged at an appropriate level for all members of our congregation. To complete Safe Ministry Training, click on the link below.

What level of safe ministry training should I do?

Level 1  – for all church members

Level 1 and 2  – for all working with children or vulnerable people

Level 1,2 and 3  – for all team leaders

Level 1,2, 3 and 4 training – for all church admin committee members

Click here to do our Safe Ministry Training

In accordance with NSW Government policy, everyone in our congregation who works with under 18s is also required to have a current, verified Working with Children Check.

MEC seeks to develop a culture of leadership that reflects Jesus- groups of people who humbly and lovingly develop healthy, transparent relationships with others, that build their understanding of God’s love by seeing it in action. The Faithfulness in Service document is a starting point for our thinking about how leaders in our church can act with love, integrity and transparency towards others (especially vulnerable people), and always avoid behaviors that abuse people or power.

Faithfulness in Service:

Click here to download the Faithfulness in Service document

Safe Ministry Training Policies:

Safe Ministry Training-Church-Policy-2019

Safe Ministry Training-Leader Commitment (Code of Conduct) -2019

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