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Ten words of Grace: (Term ten words 500x3032 2013) 

What message do the ancient ‘ten commandments’ have in our modern world? What role does the Old Testament Law have for Christians living in light of the gospel of Jesus? Join us as we consider God’s ‘Ten Words of Grace’ this term.






growing through anger resized


Growing through Anger: (April 2013) 

We all experience anger, but how should Christians be responding to anger? How can we grow through anger? In this practical series as we consider how the gospel of Jesus applies to an issue that impacts us all.







Exploring Mark (Term 1 2013):

The gospel of Mark is the shortest and possibly the oldest biography of Jesus’ life. Join us as Mark shows us who Jesus is, what he has done, and what difference this makes to modern life.






Faith in Jesus – Hebrews 11 (January 2013)

Many people talk about faith, but what does genuine faith look like in our messy, complex world where conflict, suffering and evil are so common? What difference does genuine faith make? Join us for our summer series: ‘Faith in Jesus – Hebrews 11’,

Download series: Faith in Jesus (Hebrews 11)




Jesus Christ: God’s Glorious Son – Hebrews (Term 4 2012)

Hebrews was written to Christians who like us, lived in a complex, pluralistic society and faced a variety of hardships. Like them, we too need to ‘fix our eyes on Jesus’ (12:2), God’s majestic Son.

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