Fusion – Friday 7:00 -9:00pm

Anyone in years 6-12 (or equivalent age) is welcome.

This year we have Jnr youth (year 6-8) at EMPS, Snr Youth (year 9-12) at Maitland Presbyterian Church (use Hunter St entry) and Combined nights at either EMPS or a venue. (Please see schedule below).

(EMPS) East Maitland Public School Google Map

For more information email Erich or the MEC Fusion facebook page

Current Program Below:

The Vine – Discipleship groups

The Vine is our small group discipleship program that seeks to grow and mature our young people.
Junior Vine meets during our morning church services and is primarily for year 7-9.
Senior Vine groups meet at various times during the week.

For more info contact Erich.

Register your child

Each year we require that each child attending register their details. This is to be filled in by a parent. The registration form can be found here.

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