Fusion – Fridays 7 – 9pm

This term we are meeting at Metford Baptist Church. We are meeting in two groups: Junior (yr6-8) and Senior (yr 9-12) on the same site. 

Meeting face to face means that we require all to be registered before coming so that we have accurate details. We also need to follow a number of guidelines. 

Fusion Formal

Register for the Fusion formal here

The Vine – Discipleship groups

The Vine is our small group discipleship program that seeks to grow and mature our young people. We want to keep meeting online until we are meeting face to face as a church. 
These are currently on break while we start regathering as a church in a different space. 

For more info contact Erich.

Register your child

Each year we require that each child attending register their details. This is to be filled in by a parent. The registration form can be found here.

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