KYCK 2018

This year we are so excited that Maitland Evangelical Church will be sending youth to KYCK again! KYCK is a fantastic weekend away in the Blue Mountains for high schoolers to gather and hear God’s word. The talks this year are focused on 1 Peter; diving into how this world is not our home, and how we can live in response to the gospel of Jesus and follow a savior who is from ‘out of this world’.


MEC Fusion will be attending the 3rd weekend of KYCK (27th-29th April), leaving close to midday Friday and returning Sunday evening. More details about pick up/drop off locations will be made available at a later date. We will all be staying together at ‘Hartley’, we are privileged as this accommodation is catered and has ensuite rooms.


Accompanying the Youth will be 9-10 Fusion Leaders, who will be attending and transporting young people to KYCK. Leaders all have completed Safe Ministry, have valid Working with Children checks and all have a provisional 2 Drivers license or higher. If you have any concerns regarding supervision or transport please contact Erich or Alice (0468 901 484).

[ COST ]

The total price for a single child is $250. However, if you have multiple children attending, each child is discounted as follows: 2nd child – $200, 3rd/4th/5th – $150

The total cost  includes: Accommodation and Food ($157), Ticket Price ($73), Petrol Allowance ($20).

For Example;

2 family members ($250 + $200) = $450

3 family members ($250 + $200 + $150) = $600


This year Registration opens at 7:30 PM on the 18th March (SUNDAY); registration is an online form that will be made available on this date/time. This needs to be completed for EACH child attending KYCK. Spots are limited, so be sure to register ASAP!! This year there is no payment details on the registration document. Payment details will be sent to you shortly after (within half an hour) registration is submitted. This information will confirm your registration/tell you the total cost of your families registration/payment details or if you are on the waitlist.

Note: Registration has been completed this way (individual registration forms per child and confirmation emails) to ensure that first in best dressed receive a spot and that those who miss out can be put on a waiting list. We want to ensure that everyone has a fair chance to receive a spot.

Full payment can be paid up front , or you must deposit $50 per child within 24 hours of receiving a confirmation email to secure your spot. If you pay a deposit per child the remaining balance of registration must be paid before the event.



It is important that if you want to ensure a spot to go to KYCK that you register and pay when registration opens. As KYCK is a high demand conference we have limited tickets and all KYCK tickets are now sold out, meaning we cannot open more spots once spots are filled.

Financial assistance can be provided, there will be a checkbox on the registration form if you would like to talk about Financial assistance.

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