CAPSTARTS  –  APRIL 16th, 2020
No doubt these are trying times in our communities, nation and world. Accompanying the current health pandemic is a financial crisis that will be felt for years to come by millions of Australians who never saw this coming.
What to do when our sense of control has been taken from under us and the future seems so unclear?
You and I know of a hope that cannot be shaken. A hope that means while we may be practicing ‘physical-distancing’, we will not retreat from the call to be gracefully present especially in a time such as this. Thousands, maybe millions, of Australians are about to experience unheralded levels of financial hardship.

CAP Money is a FREE budgeting course that makes managing your money simple! CAP Money teaches people – from all walks of life – how to create a budget and prevent bad debt. Usually run over three sessions, this practical workshop provides people with the skills they need to manage their finances and prevent debt.

CAPMoney course is coming up on 16th April from 6.30-8PM on ZOOM. Register online by visiting

Call Rohan for more information on 0408697403”

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