Vision 2020

From this week we begin our month of prayer and planning for next year. We’re calling it Vision 2020. Our big question for the month is ‘what will help us in our mission of knowing Christ and making Him known through the gospel?’

Where We Meet

Maitland Evangelical Church meets each Sunday, 8:30am, 10:30am and 5:00pm at Maitland Grossmann High School. Enter off Morpeth Rd for 8:30am and off Cumberland Street for 10:30am 5:00pm. Visitors always welcome.

Hospitality Sunday!

Hospitality Sunday is back! Get excited about meeting new people and families over a delicious meal and spring breeze. Decide if you’re interested in being a Host or a Guest and complete the online form here before Oct 8th. See all the details here.

Join us!

We’re currently exploring the book of Ephesians. This book is rich with insight into the workings of the church, our relationships with others and God and how we can be equipped to live as Christians in a changing world.

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