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We believe that Churches need to take responsibility for how people (especially kids) are treated.

If you’ve been invited to be part of our kids’ ministry team, there’s a couple of things we require you to do:

1. Apply for a NSW WWCC

If you’re going to be working with Children, you are required by law to apply for a NSW Working with Children Check Number here.

It’s easy to apply online; simply use the button, fill out your details and submit.

2. Take your application to a Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) 

Once you get your Application Number (starting with “APP”), take it to a Roads and Marine Services Centre (previously “RTA”) to verify your identity.

They will verify your identity and after a few days/weeks they will email you a new WWCC Number (Starting with “WWC”).

3. Do (or Update) your Online Training

After you’ve got your Working with Children Check number, go to the MEC Online Safe Ministry Training course here.

You’ll be asked to register your name and WWCC details before doing the training. This training only takes about 30mins, but it gives you all the information you need to help keep our kids safe (as well as fulfil our legal obligations as a church).

If you have any questions or problems, don’t hesitate to contact us through the Church Office 4934 7203 or

Our Safe Ministry Policy

Safe Minstry

Our Leader Appointment Policy

Leader Appointment

Our Discipline Policy


Our Complaints Policy


Our Incident Reporting Policy

Incident Reporting

The Faithfulness in Service Document

Faithfulness in Service

Driving Policy

Our Driving Policy

Our Toileting Policy

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Our Electronic Communication Policy

(Video Here)

Physical Contact Policy

(Video Here)

Incidence Response Process

Safe Ministry Supervisors should follow this process step-by-step when someone makes a report to them about specific incidents, general suspicions or a person of concern.

Note: The details of those reporting abuse should be kept private and confidential, only made known to those in leadership and to individuals and organisations who are legally required to know those details.

Injury Response Process

Injury Reponse

Person of Concern Process

Person of Concern

Suspected Child Abuse Response Process

Suspected Child Abuse

Church Incident Response Process

Church Incident

External Incident Response Process

External Incident

Accident Report Form

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