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Hi everyone

Thanks for being a part of Hospitality Sunday!. 

One thing that is clear from the NT is that Christians often ate together as an expression of their belonging together to Jesus. It is something about meals that helps us relate better to each other. We hope that this afternoon will be enjoyable and lead to other impromptu acts of hospitality.

Here are a few guidelines for hosts and guests which may make your time run more smoothly. 



DO – Please make telephone contact with your host on Thursday night or ASAP to arrange your arrival time and to find out what you may contribute to the meal. They will already have your dietary needs in mind in their preparation.

DO – arrive on time and offer to do whatever you can to help on the day.

Do be aware of house rules.

DON’T leave too late. We suggest a good length of visit is about  21/2 to 3 hours.  Any longer and it can be hard for the hosts to get on with their other Sunday tasks.



Thanks for opening your home  to your sisters and brothers in Christ.

Here are some guidelines to help you enjoy your time together.

DON’T think you have to do all the work. Feel free to ask your guests to contribute something toward the meal if you need it. This can be helpful for them as some will feel less like they are imposing.

DO be open about any house rules you may have. Eg.  No children  in the bedrooms or shoes off inside the house. If you need people to leave by a certain time, tell them at an appropriate time in the afternoon.  We have written to them recommending that they leave within 2 1/2 to 3 hours so as not to wear out their welcome.


The following are some suggested activities to help you get to know and enjoy your guests.

– get a handful of coins and give one to each person as they enter the house. Then, over the meal, get them to share what was happening for them on the year the coin was minted. You may need some shiny ones for the younger guests.

– Ask people to share a favourite place or holiday destination from the past or one they would like to go to and why.

– Ask people how they first became aware that God was real and interested in them.

– If children are coming, plan ahead with your kids what activities they may do with the visitors. If you have no kids, it may be worth asking the parents how you can help their kids to enjoy the time.



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