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Over five relaxed sessions we explore some of life’s big questions… What is the purpose of life? Can I trust the Bible? What difference does Jesus make? Each session is less than an hour. There will be food and drink, a brief presentation, opportunities for questions, and some stories from various people along the way. Everyone is welcome and no-one is expected to answer questions or read or pray out loud.
Our next course starts soon:

Week 1 – The purpose of life

Week 2 – Is the Bible reliable?

Week 3 – Jesus – the King and Rescuer

Week 4 – Jesus – dying and rising

Week 5 – Jesus – God’s purpose for my life


If you’re interested in coming along to any of those, please contact Roger

There’s one more thing… we think this is more than interesting information. We think Jesus is someone you need to know about. We’d love you to come along.

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