On May 26th and June 2nd, 8:30am and 10:30am Church Services will be held in the ‘Big Tin Shed’ of Maitland Grossmann High School. The usual School Hall is having it’s floors refurbished. Parking, Sunday School and Morning Tea will remain in the same areas.

Night Church (5pm) will be hosted at East Maitland Primary School (same place as Maitland Alive). Simply park in the street and walk through the gates.

The Shed: Please make your way to the bottom carpark/Basketball courts and head towards shelters used for Morning Tea. The Shed is to the left before reaching the Shelter. (Signs will be providing directions).

Please direct any questions to steve@maitlandchurch.org 0438022905

Where We Meet

Maitland Evangelical Church meets each Sunday, 8:30am, 10:30am and 5:00pm at Maitland Grossmann High School. Enter off Morpeth Rd for 8:30am and off Cumberland Street for 10:30am 5:00pm. Visitors always welcome.

Future Men Camp

At the end of this month (May), the Men and Future Men of MEC will be gathering at the Bear’s property for a weekend of camping and fellowship. Come along for the adventure and stay for practical wisdom on this weekend out!

(See coming events for details and Rego).

Join us!

We’re currently exploring the book of Judges where the Israelites live in a downwards spiral of ignoring God’s commands. In this, we continuously see God’s Mercy on those who disobey Him, but also His righteous anger towards those do evil.

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